RescueBet members now have the advantage of betting with EBet, one of several top platforms listed by Malaysia’s top gaming provider. EBet live casino is a gaming platform member can access to play live casino games online. The platform is licensed and regulated by First Cagayan. Over the years, EBet has grown into a top gaming platform that’s dedicated to servicing its customer’s needs and overall user experience. EBet has grown into a large scale operation by adopting modern technology and adapting high-quality games for gamers. By constantly evolving with technology, EBet has an edge over other gaming platforms and companies in the industry. Members looking to bet on EBet live casino can now do so over any platform from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection).


EBet Live Casino Games

EBet also lists several high-quality games in its catalog that appeal to a global audience. To create the atmosphere of a live casino, EBet makes the use of live games and members and the dealer can interact with each other on the platform. Members can choose from a list of available classic games that have been developed at par with 21st-century gaming features and options. Some of the games include online blackjack, live baccarat, live roulette, sic bo, and three cards on EBet casino. EBet enters the international market as members from across the globe can sign up with RescueBet and gain access to the EBet platform. Members have access to games, features, offers, bonuses, and much more.



Additionally, members can now sign up with RescueBet and avail a 100% welcome bonus of up to MYR500. This bonus is applicable to first deposits made to live casino wallets. And members have the option of playing several games listed on EBet live casino. With this bonus, members can make the most of their first bet with EBet than with any other platform.