Protect yourself from phishing and spoofed email

Once in a while, you might receive emails that appear to be from RescueBet, but in fact, they are from an untrustworthy source and could put you at risk. This is referred to as spoofed email.

Spoofed emails sometimes even come from what seems to be a valid RescueBet address. They usually ask you to click a link to a false website and enter personal information such as your RescueBet username, password or credit card number. This is called a phishing attack; an attempt to steal your identity information and later use it to commit fraud. To lure you, they may tell you that there is an urgent problem with your account, or that you have won or are eligible for a prize.

How to identify a spoofed email

  • The email describes a serious problem with your account. For example: Your account will be cancelled if you do not respond.
  • You are requested to confirm your account information by clicking on a link from the email.
  • Alternatively, you are congratulated for winning a prize, and are asked to contact the sender to receive the prize. If you make such contact, you are asked to provide certain private confidential details about yourself.
  • The embedded link looks genuine because it contains "RescueBet". Real RescueBet websites are hosted on the "RescueBet" domains. We never use a web address such as
  • There may be obvious grammatical or spelling errors. These errors help spoofed email pass through spam filters.

How to protect yourself

  • Do not click on links in unsolicited emails: Even if you do not enter the personal information they are asking for, just clicking on the links can make your computer vulnerable to background installations of key logging software or viruses. RescueBet will never ask you to verify your account information this way.
  • Do not "unsubscribe": Never follow any instructions in an unsolicited email that claim to "unsubscribe" you from a mailing list. Many spoofers use this process to create a list of active email addresses.
  • Verify the sender's e-mail address: if you are contacted by, or asked to contact, an e-mail address that is not hosted on the domain, please do not respond or contact this address. All communications and promotions from RescueBet will be performed via the,"RescueBet" domain.
  • Keep track of your RescueBet account: Review your game history page frequently. If you do not recognise a transaction or suspect fraud, please Contact us right away.

Report a spoofed email

Forward any suspicious emails to our Support.

To enable us to investigate spoofed emails, please do not change or retype the subject line. Once you have forwarded an email to us, you should delete it from your inbox. We work aggressively with law enforcement agencies to investigate cases of spoofed email.

If you are a victim

First of all, don't panic. If you did click on a spoofed or suspicious email and you entered your RescueBet account information, you should Contact us immediately. A support representative will work closely with you until your situation is resolved.