Live Casino 100% Welcome Bonus
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Live Casino 100% Welcome Bonus
Live Casino 100% Welcome Bonus

For new member making first deposit to Live Casino wallet, we giving out 100% welcome bonus up to USD250.
Spend your bonus to bet on live casino (Ebet / Sunbet / Asia Gaming / Gold Deluxe / SA Gaming) and win big.

Promotion Requirement:
  • Only for first deposit
  • Only for Live Casino wallet
  • Player required to select promotion when making deposit
  • 30x rollover requirements
Promotion Terms & Conditions:

  1. 100% Welcome Bonus only valid for new register member’s first time deposit.
  2. This promotion is only for Live Casino wallet.
  3. Only valid for games live casino games:
    Ebet / Sunbet / Asia Gaming / Gold Deluxe / SA Gaming
  4. Member are required to select this promotion when depositing for the first time into Live Casino wallet.
  5. Minimum deposit amount of USD10 is required to qualify for this new member 100% welcome bonus up to USD250.
  6. Each member may claim this bonus for once (1) time only.
  7. This promotion is restricted to one (1) member, one (1) account. If members are found have more than one account with the same ip address and etc. under any circumstances, Rescuebet has the right to hold, cancel or forfeit the given Bonus.
  8. Members are required to fill in their real full name and bank account number. The credit will be forfeited if members are found provided a mismatch name between the full-name and bank account holder’s name.
  9. Members are required to fulfil the 30x rollover requirement prior to withdrawal or transfer money to other product.
  10. This promotion balance cannot transfer to other product wallets.

Promotion Frequently Asked Questions

    Often also referred to as sign up bonus, welcome bonus offer will usually look like this: Get 100% up to USD250. The percentage is the amount Rescuebet will match, and ’up to’ is the total amount the Rescuebet will match your deposit to.


    This promotion is only for Live Casino wallet. The promotion only appear for selection when you choose to deposit into Live Casino wallet.


    Once deposited with this bonus attached, you can’t transfer out the funds until you serve all the rollover requirements.


    Rollover requirements, also known as wagering requirements. Wager a certain amount of money before you can withdraw or transfer the funds. This promotion required 25x rollover requirements.

    For example: First Deposit = USD500 Bonus = 500 x 100% = USD500 Rollover requirement = (USD500 + USD500) x 30x = USD30000 So as above example if you deposited USD500 you serve rollover USD30000 in Live Casino before you can withdraw or transfer the funds.


    Member can play live baccarat, online blackjack, Sic Bo, Live Roulette and Three Cards offered by provider Ebet, SunBet, AG Gaming and SA Gaming.


    It depends on special request, please contact us via contact form or live chat. The promotion cancellation is based on approval.


Live casinos are here to stay and have steadily increased in market share over the years. Several reasons for the decrease in market share for land-based casinos each year include, but are not limited to, the cost of travel, accessibility, expenses incurred on the floor, stay and lodging, lack of benefits and bonuses, and more. Now, more bettors shift online to experience the same casino experience without the hassles plus additional benefits that include accessibility, bonuses, a variety of games and sports to choose from, several providers to choose from, other promotions that increase the value of the bet and winnings and much more.

Live Casino 100% Welcome Bonus

RescueBet is a leading casino service provider that helps bring engaging casino games that members want to play popular games, challenging games, strategy games and unique games as well. Users have the option of accessing these games right from their mobile, laptop, or computers. For new members that want to bet on live casinos, they can avail of a 100% welcome bonus. This means that new members get a 100% welcome bonus when signing up with RescueBet of up to USD250. It’s essential to read the terms and conditions claimed in conjunction with the welcome bonus. For example, members have a 30x wagering requirement that needs to be fulfilled before withdrawing their winnings. Or users cannot use a welcome bonus in conjunction with any other promotion.

What Games Can You Play?

RescueBet lists games by leading providers that customers can select, access, play and win. Members have the option of playing games on top gaming platforms such as EBet, SunBet, Asia Gaming, and Gold Deluxe. The 100% welcome bonus casino (Malaysia) can be availed on any of the selected gaming partners. Keep in mind that these platforms are listed on RescueBet, giving users a one-stop-shop for their live casino needs. Members thus have the opportunity to bet on an extensive number of live casino games. Some of the most popular gaming options are table games, live baccarat, live blackjack, live roulette, online slots, and more. These games are hosted in real-time, by live dealers, and members can play against the dealer or each other. Games are hosted 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Members also have the opportunity of interacting with each other while playing their favorite games together and winning money.

Cashing Out

As mentioned earlier, members need to fulfill a 30x wagering requirement before they have access to invested capital. A 30x wagering requirement means that a member has to bet his initial amount plus the deposit amount 30x before access to withdrawal. So if a user deposits anything up to USD250. After fulfilling a 30x wagering requirement, members can withdraw their funds or reinvest their capital to continue playing from a wide selection of options.