Slot Games 100% Welcome Bonus
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Slot Games 100% Welcome Bonus
Slot Games 100% Welcome Bonus

For new member making first deposit to Slot Games wallet, we giving out 100% welcome bonus up to USD500.
Spend your bonus to bet on all online slot games in Pragmatic Play / Spade Gaming / Red Tiger / Play N Go / NetEnt / One Game / Jumbo

Promotion Requirement:
  • Only for first deposit
  • Only for Pragmatic Play / Spade Gaming / Red Tiger / Play N Go / NetEnt / One Game / Jumbo slot games
  • Player required to select promotion when making deposit
  • 25x rollover requirements
Promotion Terms & Conditions:

  1. 100% Welcome Bonus only valid for new register member''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s first time deposit.
  2. This promotion is only for Slot Games wallet.
  3. Only valid for all slot games offered by Pragmatic Play / Spade Gaming / Red Tiger / Play N Go / NetEnt / One Game / Jumbo
  4. Member are required to select this promotion when depositing for the first time into Slot Games wallet.
  5. Minimum deposit amount of USD10 is required to qualify for this new member 100% welcome bonus up to USD500.
  6. Each member may claim this bonus for once (1) time only.
  7. This promotion is restricted to one (1) member, one (1) account. If members are found have more than one account with the same ip address and etc. under any circumstances, Rescuebet has the right to hold, cancel or forfeit the given Bonus.
  8. Members are required to fill in their real full name and bank account number. The credit will be forfeited if members are found provided a mismatch name between the full-name and bank account holder’s name.
  9. Members are required to fulfil the 25x rollover requirement prior to withdrawal or transfer money to other product.
  10. This promotion balance cannot transfer to other product wallets.

Promotion Frequently Asked Questions

    Often also referred to as sign up bonus, welcome bonus offer will usually look like this: Get 100% up to USD500. The percentage is the amount Rescuebet will match, and the up to is the total amount the Rescuebet will match your deposit to.


    This promotion is only for Slot Games wallet. The promotion only appear for selection when you choose to deposit into Slot Games wallet.


    Once deposited with this bonus attached, you cant transfer out the funds until you serve all the rollover requirements.


    Rollover requirements, also known as wagering requirements. Wager a certain amount of money before you can withdraw or transfer the funds. This promotion required 15x rollover requirements.

    For example: First Deposit = USD500 Bonus = USD500 x 100% = USD500 Rollover requirement = (USD500 + USD500) x 25 = USD25000 So as above example if you deposited USD500 you serve rollover USD25000 in Slot Games before you can withdraw or transfer the funds.


    Up to date there are total of 533 slot games provided by provider: Pragmatic Play, Spade Gaming, Red Tiger, Play N Go, NetEnt, One Game and Jumbo.


    It depends on special request, please contact us via contact form or live chat. The promotion cancellation is based on approval.

Avid fans on online slots games now have the opportunity to ply their favorite pastime online. Online slots players can sign up with RescueBet for the first time and avail a 100% welcome bonus for signing up. New players who’ve never played the game before or have played, but are yet to sign up with RescueBet have the opportunity to win big by making the best of first-time bonus.

Users get to play free casino games online with bonus and good chances of winning. Players have the option to play for real money and have a chance to win real cash. Some of the other benefits give users access to multiple games, chances to win a higher payout, the opportunity to earn more through bonuses and free spins, numerous payment options, and much more.


How Does The 100% Welcome Bonus Work?

A user needs to:

  1. Sign up with RescueBet. Members are required to fill in their real name and bank details for winnings to be credited to their accounts.
  2. Make a deposit to their online slots wallet, also called the first deposit.
  3. It’s essential to select the promotion while depositing to avail of the bonus.
  4. Users can add as much as they want to their live wallet and avail a 100% welcome bonus for up to USD500.
  5. This offer is limited to the maximum use of only one per user.
  6. Users can spend their bonus on slots games and online slots games provided by specialist gaming sites listed on RescueBet. Partners include Pragmatic Play, Spade Gaming, Play N Go and NetEnt
  7. Users have a 15x rollover requirement before they can withdraw or transfer their money to a different account.  

The 100% Welcome Bonus Benefits Included:
  1. Multiple Games - Users get to select from over 200 online slots games online. By partnering with leading game developers, RescueBet connects users to a platform to access all their favorite games from a single place. For example, video slots, wheel of fortune, fruit machines, etc. Users can also have the option of exploring New free slots bonus games and content released regularly.
  2. Higher Payouts - Users get the option of access to several online slots games that are easy to understand and have high payouts. Different games have different payout ratios, and most of them are in the upper 90th percentage.
  3. Bonuses And Free Spins - Users can also win free spins and other bonuses while playing online slots games. These bonuses and free spins enable a bettor to gain more than they would have otherwise, such as at land-based casinos. Progressive jackpots also help punters get a bigger payout.
  4. Multiple Payments Accepted - users have the option to make deposits in various currencies and also make withdrawals in currencies of their choice. Users looking to win big on slots games using cryptocurrency can now make deposits and withdraws for the same.