Fishing Games Up To 20% Rebate Bonus
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Fishing Games Up To 20% Losses Rebate
Rebate Details

Every Monday, Rescuebet credits from 8% to 20% back into your account following a losing week. The formula that''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s used to calculate this rebate is as follows:

Fishing Games wins - Fishing Games losses - bonuses - rewards cash - rebates = Fishing Games loss.

You are then credited with 8% to 20% of this Fishing Games loss into RB wallet on the following Monday. The end result is that you have more money to chase big payouts in the future!


RB Wallet = Where your losses rebate store, member can''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t withdraw this amount as cash. It only can be transfer to different provider wallet. Every-time a member transfer funds from RB wallet to game provider wallets there will be a 10x wagering requirements before member can transfer to main wallet.