Sbobet Esports Betting

SBOBet is a leading Esports gaming and betting provider operating in Asia and Europe. SBOBet Esports enables punters, gamers, and fans to make Esports wagers online and from anywhere globally. Punters have access to multiple betting features, advantages, and perks using SBOBet on the Rescuebet platform.


SBOBet’s sister company, SBOTOP, currently sponsors English Premier League teams like Leeds United and Westham United. SBOBet caters primarily to the Asian betting market, while SOTOP focuses on the European, African, and Caribbean betting markets. Apart from providing betting and sponsorship services, SBOTOP also funds player transfers, working on community projects such as senior engagement projects, helping with COVID relief, and launching additional betting services in new betting markets. SBOBet launched Esports wagering services in different betting markets a few years ago when Esports betting was still in its nascent stages. Today, Esports gaming accounts for a significant market share of gaming revenue across the globe. Competitive gaming such as tournaments and pro leagues attract fans, wagers, and prizes in the millions. Gamers and streamers on Twitch make a considerable amount of money streaming the best games and content online.

SBOBet Esports

SBOBET Esports is home to Esports schedules, prediction contents, betting resources, and services. Punters can follow the latest news and reviews on the teams participating in a tournament, benched players, and potential transfers between rosters. Esports bettors find it hard to get consistent and reliable Esports betting information outside SBOBet. The SBOBet Magazine is a punter’s one-stop online magazine for all things related to betting. Punters can access the online resource for match information, betting statistics, league information, odds on games, predictions, bonuses, promotions, etc. Punters can place wagers on the top tournaments and competitions through SBOBet Esports. SBOBet Esports is an entire section dedicated to Esports betting, news, reviews, and information. Any SBOBet member can access the latest games and tournaments such as the League of Legends, Overwatch, Call of Duty, CS: GO, Valorant, PUBG PCS, Injustice 2, Tekken, etc. Leading production houses and gaming companies developed games such as Riot Games, Blizzard, EA Sports, Nerd Street Gamers, and other developers. Several top gamers have played in the top Leagues before retiring or an alternate profession such as streaming. xQc is an ex-pro Overwatch player that garnered over 100,000 fans every stream and millions of views on Youtube. Several punters won wagers placed on X between 2017 to 2019. Around the same time and a couple of years prior, another professional gamer’s name became a household name for the best gamer in the world. Shroud won several competitive tournaments with some of the best players and game mechanics at the time. These players helped bring Esports to the masses and enabled a betting market to develop from the growing popularity of Esports gaming across the globe.

Esports Betting vs. Traditional Sports Betting

Esports differs from traditional sports betting in several ways. Many players used a computer and LAN or internet connection to access all Esports games. All formal sporting events involve active participation between participants requiring physical interaction more often than not. One example of sports betting events online is Chess. Traditional sports betting covers sporting events such as football, volleyball, throwball, Olympics, etc. Apart from Esports betting, SBOBet enables users and punters to make wagers on sports games such as football, hockey, baseball, boxing, motorsports, horse racing, tennis, rugby league, etc. The English Premier League is the top wagered event on SBOBet. Casino bettors had the option of playing online casino gambling games, including but not limited to blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, keno, etc. The Olympic committee is proposing to add Esports gaming as an official Olympic event in the future. However, such a process would be complicated, including selecting games from several thousands of gaming titles for the Olympics. While such a proposal isn’t impossible, it’s going to take time before implementation. The Olympics approving Esports will give the sporting event further validation as a global competitive event.

Features Of SBOTOP Esports Betting

Some of the advantages of SBO\Top Esports wagers include access to multiple gaming titles, access to numerous betting markets, access to bonuses, and premium digital betting wallets.

1. Access To Multiple Gaming Titles

Punters gain access to multiple Esports gaming titles. Different types of games require one or two players to play against one or two players, such as FIFA and UFC. Other Esports events such as Counter-Strike and Valorant require players to play in teams with one team playing against another at a time. Games such as PUBG need multiple teams to compete at the same time on a single map.

2. Multiple Betting Markets

While Esports betting is a growing market, punters don’t have access to multiple betting options and needs. The main reason is lack of coverage, and SBOTop seeks to bridge that gap by giving punters access to over 20 different types of betting markets on each game in the SBOTop Esports betting section of the platform.  

3. Bonuses

Punters can utilize bonuses such as sign-up bonuses, betting wallet bonuses, weekly bonuses, etc. Apart from bonuses that help punters increase their potential winnings, punters can also utilize rebates to claim a small portion of their losses during losing weeks. A bettor directly accessing the SBOTop platform will not be entitled to these bonuses, promotions, and rebates. To access these perks, a punter needs to sign up using the Rescuebet platform.

4. Betting Wallet

Punters can add and withdraw their betting funds with ease on the SBOTop betting wallet. They use funds in the wallet to place Esports wagers and other bets on the SBOTop platform through Rescuebet. Bettors can add funds using bank transfer, debit transfer, credit transfer, and online transfer such as Skrill. Additionally, Esport gamers prefer making wagers with crypto. Punters can make Esports wagers using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Litecoin, etc., on the Rescuebet platform.