Inplay Matrix now brings to you IMSports as part of its IMGameZone. IMSports is Asia’s number one sportsbook provider that gives members access to sports and gaming competitions worldwide. Members can now bet on sports competitions and matches such as horse racing, football, soccer, basketball, golf, indoor soccer, and much more.

IMSports is a top licensed sportsbook in Asia, giving punters an extensive range of sports betting markets, global coverage, lucrative bonuses, and offers, etc. Thus, members have access to legal sports betting markets and options versus contracts in place with free agents. Sports betting in Malaysia is never going to be the same, and members have the option of availing several benefits by signing up with RescueBet and gaining access to IMSports.


Perks of IMSports

Members that sign up with RescueBet have a range of features, perks, and offers available at their disposal. Some of the advantages of signing up with Rescuebet and playing on IMSports include:

  1. Registration Bonus - Members that sign up with RescueBet get a 100% welcome bonus when signing up and adding money to their IMSports wallet the first time. Members can then play games offered by IMsports that also include IMEsports to avail of their bonus.
  2. Visualization - Members get to view real-time match statistics in helpful and easy to understand visualizations. This helps a bettor to make an informed decision by converting data into meaningful information that can result in profit. Punters must have this information available at their disposal to benefit from it. Right from the basics of selecting fractional odds or decimal odds, members can customize their dashboard preferences.
  3. Live Streaming - Members get to access live streams of games, matches, and tournaments from across the globe. This gives bettors the added advantage of being able to enjoy the game, but moreover, to also make in-play bets as and when the game is happening - play by play.
  4. Virtual Sports - Virtual sports are games inspired by existing and past sports games. Punters have the option of trying their hand at virtual sports games with over 50 matches every hour. Bettors can bet on virtual basketball or virtual football markets as the platform displays live events every four minutes.
  5. Accessibility - Apart from a seamless user interface with optimal user experience at its heart, convenience is a crucial feature of IMSports. Members can access the platform over a mobile, tablet, or a system. The system is integrated seamlessly with other operating systems such as IOS, Windows, or Android.
  6. Support - Members get 24/7 support and can access the platform in various languages such as Chinese, English, Thai, or Vietnamese. Members can also deposit (and withdraw) in any of the supported currencies accepted on the platform. Some of the payment currencies accepted include USD, MYR, VND, IDR, THB and much more.
  7. CashOut Feature - Members also have the option of selling their tickets back to the system after making a bet. Members also have the option of doing so during a stake in an in-play event. The punter then can choose to reinvest that payout into other, more lucrative bets. Operators still earn a commission on their turnover.
  8. Combo Bets - The platform enables members to make combo bets up to 10 simultaneous matches for the combo bets in general. And not just that, members can choose to make a bet within seconds with the present bet amounts they have.

Punters looking for sports betting site with a welcome bonus can sign up with RescueBet and avail a welcome bonus when signing up and playing with IMSports.